Fura Ævarrsdottir

Restless noble child in search of adventure


Fura is 5’ 6’’ inches tall with a lithe but muscular frame and long blonde hair that she usually wears in braids. Her complexion is fair, but she has definitely seen some sun during her days of training. She has bright blue eyes, and a “handsome” face with pronounced cheek bones. She usually wears leather pants, a tunic, and leather armor. In battle she carries a wooden shield, and her weapon of choice is a metal sword that she inherited from her older brother.

For fancier occasions she has red dress, and a brown cloak with fur around the collar. She also has a single necklace of glass beads that she inherited from her mother.


Fura is the only daughter of Ævarr Ægirsson, the younger brother of the chief of the bear clan.

Fura’s mother was Elina Styrsdottir, a famous shield maiden. Elina died in childbirth, along with the child, when Fura was 5 years old.

Fura has 5 older brothers who have all gone off on the raids. Each year Fura has been left behind under the pretext that she is not yet ready to join. But Fura is ambitious, and hates being stuck in her small village. She dreams of seeing the world and conquering other lands for the glory of her family.

I have only heard of dwarves in stories told around the hearth. I know I should not stray too far from the village, but my curiosity compels me to go investigate to see if the rumor is true.

Every year I am left behind while my father and brothers go on the raids. They say it is because I am not yet ready, but I will prove to them that I am worthy warrior by protecting this village from harm until they come back, no matter what the cost.

I have feelings for my childhood friend the sorcerer. But it is important for the future prosperity of my family that I make an advantageous alliance with my marriage. I will find a husband who brings honor and power to my family and ignore my feelings for the sorcerer.

• I always have my sword at hand
• I will do anything to protect those I’m responsible for
• I never take the first sip of mead or eat the first bite of food. 

Fura Ævarrsdottir

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