Time of Gods
In the time before time, the gods lived in their heavenly kingdom and were as numerous as the sand in the ocean. They lived much as we do now, lives full of love and loss, valor and defeat. But the gods grew tired and many faded away to light the sky above as mighty stars. The few who remained set out in great ships across an endless ocean and fell into a deep slumber where they dreamed perfect dreams of their fallen kingdom.

After countless ages of dreaming, some of the gods woke and were unsatisfied. Dipping a spear in the water, Asmund the Protector created the islands. Eira the Merciful blew a mighty breath and out sprung all manner of beast and fish, populating the forests and seas. This filled the awakened gods with joy and together they undertook the great task of creating the first men and women, our noble ancestors.

Restless Years
The world was full of excitement and goodness and the gods lived among our ancestors, teaching them the ways of the sea, crafting, and farming. But unlike men, gods do not age and soon they grew restless. They blew into life trolls and dragons, great wolves and giants and every manner of monster. They created the dwarves and instructed them in secret arts of crafting. And to the elves they taught immortality and other deep secrets.

After filling the world with danger, the gods donned shinning armor and took up their mighty spears to wander the land slaying monsters, telling tales, and feasting in the great halls. They chose from among mortals the most suitable to be their mates and set them aside as the Godsworn, our divinely chosen rulers.

And so it went for many ages until, one by one, the gods returned to their deep slumber, to be seen in the world of men no more.



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