Víðarr Frey Völund

Gifted, tortured, distant, calculating


Víðarr is a 6’4" from top to toe, but he typically appears much smaller due to his slumped shoulders and unique gait. Everything about his appearance at rest and in motion is a struggle against his natural form. Despite his best attempts to blend into the shadows of anonymity, he stands out due to his above average height and awkward movement. Víðarr has sharp facial features including a long, angular nose with a straight edge. a prominent brow with long naturally sculpted dark eyebrows. Eyes that are so clear and blue that it’s hard to lock onto them in conversation. There is something about him that seems slightly inhuman, as if he does not possess a soul. In a controlled setting with purpose, he is able to read people and converse with them in a convincing manner, which doesn’t approach charisma, but does convey trust and meaning.

Although not gifted with a muscular or athletic build, he is wirey and when actually motivated into action he conceals above average strength and disorientingly quick agility and reflexes. He is sure footed, not reckless when it comes to traversing the largest mountain or the smallest pebble. Everything is done with purpose but requires focus, he is not one who adapts easily to ever changing variables. When given any task, no matter the size or complexity, and an appropriate amount of time to work through it, he rarely makes an error in judgement.

He is scarred heavily from burns all at various states of healing. The punishment resides mostly on his legs, buttocks, upper neck and back. He typically wears a well fitted tunic, but an oversized cloak and a heavily furred cap that help hide his past. Along side his naturally thick curly beard, he maintains a physical and perceived barrier between himself and the outside world.



  • Almost always keeps a barrier between himself and the outside world, typically shielded in his large cloak following behind the pack at a pace or two
  • Always press forward, no matter how arduous the path ahead, Backtracking is too close to reflection, and I’m not capable of doing so
  • Things aren’t always what they seem, think carefully about every scenario and interaction…..and then start over and do it again

Víðarr Frey Völund

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