Desperate dwarven craftsman.


Fewakor is small, even for a dwarf. He is usually hunched over from his years as a craftsman and this only accentuates his diminutive stature. Fewakor has thin, oily, black hair that is always unkempt and he is constantly pushing it out of his face. His bulbous nose dominates his plain face, drawing attention from his otherwise plain features. He reeks of alcohol and dank, musty smell from the cave he hides himself away in.


Fewakor was banished by his fathers to the surface where he hid away, slowly building a workshop in the mountains. A few weeks ago, a giant spider invaded Fewakor’s workshop and tried to eat him. Since then he’s been living in a small and filthy cave in the lower hills, having barely escaped with his life and a single gem pick.


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